Is Foot Fungus Ruining Your Life?

Are your feet dry, thick and irritated?  Instead of feeling comfortable, do your feet feel itchy and like a burning sensation?  Does the spot in-between your toes sometimes burn because your feet are overrun with fungi?

If yes, then it is most likely you have a fungal infection.  Sometimes a foot fungus is more prominent on the toes than it is the skin.

In most cases a fungal infection is not a tremendous problem.  But if left untreated, the fungi can completely take over your feet.  Creating deep cracks in between your toes that cause pain and also kill off your toenails.  Knowing the proper type of medicine to use is the first step in curing your fungal infection.

7 Ways to Treat your Foot Fungus TODAY?

If you have fungus, then one question you’re probably asking is “what can I do today?”.  Here are some things you can do today to help kill fungi on your feet for good.

Change your shoes – Shoes and other footwear are typically not ventilated well and thus creates a dark, humid environment, perfect for fungus growth.

Most shoes are hot and humid inside and do not allow air to flow through the footwear.  The sweating of feet also contributes to the damp environment.

So, alternating between different shoes and also investing in some foot powder would be advised.

Wear Socks – Wearing shoes without socks allows for your feet to remain moist for longer periods of time.  Socks absorb some of the sweat produced by your feet, allowing a dryer environment to exist and also reducing chances of fungus forming.

Become more active – As we get older, our circulation becomes poorer.  Being more active allows for the blood to circulate better and reach your toes.  This increases the chances you will conquer toenail fungus and expedite the process.

Clean possible infected areas – There is a high chance that if you have a fungal nail infection that your shower and bathroom is infected with the fungus.  Cleaning it with bleach weekly will decrease the chances for the fungus to spread anymore that it has.

Limit chances of exposure – If you frequent public areas such as showers or pools, protecting yourself from further exposure will be a key to your success.

You can do this by purchasing a cheap pair of flip flops to create a barrier in between your feet and the ground.  This keeps your feet from coming into contact with more fungus.

Try an at-home remedy – If a drugstore isn’t near you or your at home and spending money to go see a doctor isn’t appealing then trying an at-home remedy might be best.  Consider a few of these and go check out an article I wrote about using at home remedies for a nail fungal infection.  I list many more remedies.

  • Vinegar – Vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar, is a popular and effective at home remedy.  The natural acidity of the vinegar is great for fighting fungus.  It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which make it great for direct application or in the form of a soak.
  • Hydrogren Peroxide – Hydrogren peroxide basically kills everything in it’s path.  When applied directly to the toes or placed in a tub to soak feet in, may cause your toes to fizz a little if there is a lot fungus present.  That is good though because that means it is working.

Get an OTC Cream

If you think you are beginning to get athlete’s foot or toenail fungus then treat it today – unless your doctor says otherwise.  There is an multitude of creams on the market but some are better than others.  Here is a list of a few creams you can consider:

  • Tolnaftate – Also known as Tinactin, comes in different variations of concentration levels.
  • Lotrimin AF – Also known as clotrimazole is an anti-fungal OTC.  Getting the generic clotrimazole is typically just as effective as buying lotrimin.
  • Miconazole – Is sometimes used and recommended for other fungal and yeast infections.

If you decide to use an OTC cream, then follow the instructions that the doctor gives you or the instructions printed on the package/container.  Within about a week or two, people tend to see results and their fungus subsides.

There may be side effects associated with the medication you choose to use, so be sure to thoroughly read any information or warnings of the product.  On rare occasions, OTC creams interfere with other pharmaceuticals.  Be sure to be aware of the those dangers and check with your doctor or pharmacist to ensure your health.

I Have Fungus on My Toe.  Now what?

If you have fungus on your toe, begin treating it right away!  You can treat it with OTC topical creams or nail gels.  If you would like to treat it naturally then using essential oils such as tea tree oil, manuka oil or oregano oil will be beneficial.  To read more about organic methods of treating toenail fungus, click the aforementioned link.

If you leave it untreated and the infection becomes very severe then your doctor may want to remove your toenail.  This happens when the nail infection is so severe and does not respond to the other treatment options.

Toenails that are removed are usually very thick and yellow.  They become extremely difficult to trim at home and most likely require a podiatrist to maintain them.

The treatment is typically an outpatient procedure and completed at a specialist’s office.  A local anesthesia is applied to numb the area around the nail and then the toenail is removed.

An anti fungal treatment/prescription will most likely be prescribed to continue to use after the procedure.

Are there other ways to stop fungus?

Yes! Absolutely, there is a lot of other ways to treat your fungus.  I discuss them in-depth in a number of my other articles.

If foot fungus is left untreated, it can turn into a dual nail-skin infection.  This is what happened to me, and I deeply regret not treating it right away.

Like the saying goes, realizing an issue early on is hard to diagnose and easy to treat but when the illness is left alone, it becomes easy to diagnose but hard to treat.

When your fungus turns into a dual nail-skin fungal infection, using products such as manuka oil, or tree tea oil in combination with OTC creams such as Tonflanate Cream will give you the total fungal infection remedy.

Tea tree oil and manuka oil are extremely popular methods of eliminating fungus quickly.  They’re natural and homeopathic types of treatments.  This means they are friendly to your body and don’t yield the harmful side effects that prescription medications have.

There is also a number of products that I have personally used and would recommend to use that contain tea tree oil.

Products such as Probelle Nail Gel, anti-fungal foot lotion and anti-fungal foot and body wash all contain tea tree oil and other natural ingredients.  The natural ingredients speed up the process of curing nail fungus from my own experiences using them.

Let’s Talk About Using Bleach

Bleach for your toenail fungus can be helpful to some and problematic for others.  Soaks in diluted bleach proves useful for some with less extreme fungal infections.  Others use bleach by directly applying it to their infected nails.

If you do this, you should use extreme caution and check with your doctor if this safe to do.

More on using bleach to kill toenail fungus.

Cure Your Foot Fungus Quickly, TODAY!

Why wait?  Aren’t you tired of life just happening to you?  Do you lack control in some situations?  If yes, then take action now!  Being proactive about the situation you’re currently in will reward you tenfold.  Your fungus will not go away on it’s own.  It will take your action and sticking with the program.

I detail what worked for my dad and I in the article about getting rid of toenail fungus fast in the complete toenail fungus treatment.  Also, if you would like to see the keys of getting rid of toenail fungus naturally fast, then you can read those articles.