Review of Tolnaftate Fungal Ointment for Foot Fungus

When I realized my athlete’s foot had transformed into a disgusting condition that I wanted no one to know about, I knew I had to do something.

So, I went to the local health clinic and waited a good hour or two while trying not to touch anything in hopes that I wouldn’t get sick.

Finally, I met with my doctor and was even hesitant to show her the condition of my feet and toes.

They were crusty, peeling, fungus-ridden, disgusting, and most of all they were MY feet.

She saw them and instantly prescribed me a fungal ointment. She prescribed clortizamole cream but only two prescriptions which was definitely not enough to cure the condition my feet were in.

Thus, much like you, this led to me going online to try and fix my problem.

I found tolnaftate cream which is commonly used for athlete’s foot, ringworm, and other fungus related conditions.

After a few weeks of using it consistently I found that the results were positive and better. There are powder forms of tolnaftate but I find that the ointment is better suited for treating more serious fungal infections.

The Perks of Tolnaftate

  • Pack of 6 tubes (doesn’t run out fast)
  • Easy to use like lotion
  • Effective in treating fungus
  • Only applied twice daily
  • Good at treating toenail fungus

OK – I’ll just give it to you straight. The perks of this cream that I found online is that is inexpensive, plentiful, and powerful.

The one I found (which I’ll link) came with a pack of 6 tubes which was more than enough if used consistently. It is easy to apply like putting lotion on your feet. In addition, it doesn’t appear to run out fast even if you apply generously.

Most of all, it will get rid of your fungus with great efficacy. I have used sprays and other lotions and found this one gives you the most BANG for your BUCK. Also, if your feet are dry, this lotion will help take care of that.

Lastly, tolnaftate can treat a large range of fungal infections which shows the versatility of the product. I once began developing jock itch which was easily cleared up in a few days using the left over tolnaftate cream I had laying around.

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with this product because of how much comes with a single 6 pack.

I found that Lotrimin ran out relatively fast and was more expensive especially when bought in store. In addition, I found it just as powerful as name brands like Lotrimin Ultra, etc.

Using Tolnaftate for Fungus

If you are using tolnaftate you will want to apply this religiously every single day, twice a day.

I found it most effective if you use it in the morning and at night before you go to bed.

I recommend at night to apply fresh out of the shower. Be sure to dry your feet and do not apply if they are still damp (this will reduce the effectiveness of the ointment). Once they are dried, apply the cream to the affected areas and put on socks and go to sleep.

Continue using the ointment until you run out even if the symptoms seem to dissipate. I made this mistake once and regretted it. I thought the fungus had left town and discontinued application only to find out it came back like wildfire.

Don’t be like me. Pick up a pack of this stuff and use it all until you run out. After doing it for a week it simply becomes routine and easy as brushing your teeth.